Food Waste Action Plan


Whether stopping waste from occurring in the first place (PREVENT/reduce), making sure food is redistributed to feed people (RESCUE/donate), or repurposing waste as energy, agricultural, and other products (RECYCLE/compost), there are opportunities to strengthen and improve our food system through collaboration, innovation, policy change and education.

Priority Solutions

The priority solutions outlined in this plan have been selected by the Wasted Food Action Alliance as initial priorities for reducing wasted food and keeping wasted food out of our landfills. There are other sectors and solutions not detailed, but an important part of the solution.

  1. Promote and connect wasted food prevention, rescue and recycling services and programs.
  2. Actively support food system stakeholders to reduce wasted food with targeted food waste reduction education and activities.
  3. Develop and support policy addressing wasted food prevention, rescue, and recycling.

This plan is dynamic and we welcome suggestions as we work together to reduce wasted food in Illinois.

Illinois Food Waste Action Plan

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Action Plan Sections

 Sections of the Illinois Food Waste Action Plan are offered below as separate PDF files for download.

The Illinois Food Waste Action Plan and resources on this site were developed collaboratively by Wasted Food Action Alliance members and Seven Generations Ahead. This project was funded through the Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust, Food:Land:Opportunity is a collaboration between Kinship Foundation and The Chicago Community Trust.