Food Waste Prevention Week

April 10-16, 2023

Food Waste Prevention Week (April 10-16) is a national campaign focused on raising awareness around the issue of food waste and inspiring change at home, at work, and in our communites.

The Wasted Food Action Alliance is proud to be a Food Waste Prevention Week partner and encourages other Illinois companies and organizations to explore the many ways they can get involved below.


Registering your company or organization to become a partner is an easy and powerful way to demonstrate your commitment to reducing wasted food.


At its core, Food Waste Prevention Week is a social media campaign.

Follow WFAA on Twitter (@wastedfoodaa) and LinkedIn! We will be posting daily during Food Waste Prevention Week to celebrate the event.

Don’t forget to tag @wastedfoodaa and use our hashtags! #wastedfoodaction #FoodWastePreventionWeek


Do you have a success story or any current efforts related to reducing wasted food that you’d like us to amplify via our social media platforms during Food Waste Prevention Week? Please share it with us by completing the form below!

Check out the success stories from Food Waste Prevention Week 2022 here.


The Food Waste Prevention Week national planning team has curated a list of webinars to attend during each day of Food Waste Prevention Week. Click the link below and register now!